Saturday, 21 October 2017

Every Morning Glow | ORIGINS Vitalizing Energy-Boosting Moisturiser

Everyone is always after that natural radiant, sun finished glow without all of the time and effort put into it. We clean our faces, use products to help even out our skin tone and to brighten our complexion, yet we still wake up in the morning wishing for so much more. 

I received a very large and generous package of beauty products from my mum over the weekend and this little gem was in there. I must admit that this was the first time that I had even heard about this product - still wondering why I have never seen anyone rave about this – so I had little to none expectations, purely because I didn’t really know what it had to offer. I already had a moisturiser that I use every day without fail but hey, it was the weekend, and if I can’t try new products now then when can I?! 

After my little Sunday morning pamper, I prepped my face with my Elemis toner and reached out for the Origins Vitalizing Energy-Boosting Moisturiser . I only used a small amount as I hate smothering my face with products, and wow wow wow. I honestly couldn’t believe the difference in my skin. Ok so most of this shock was because I still hadn’t read any of the benefits and what it targets, but even if I had done hours of research I really can’t see my reaction being that much different. My skin was glowing, as if I had spent the morning doing a fantastic gym session or someone had made me blush or whatever, my skin was looking incredible. Even skipping foundation in the morning and just applying a bit of concealer under my eyes - because we all love to stay in bed those extra few minutes, especially when it’s dark and miserable outside.

This energy boosting moisturiser is suitable for dry, normal and oily skin types and even has a hint of tinted moisturiser – which isn’t too good for your towels if you don’t read the label before and wipe your hands in them straight after, silly me – and vows to make you look as though you ‘eat right, sleep tight & don’t have a worry in sight’… Which I can definitely stand by! There is nothing better than finding a good beauty product that makes you feel so good, and I personally find that my mood can be influenced in the mornings by the way I look. If my foundation is patchy, or if I’m bloated, or even if I have an eyelash out of place, I’m conscious of it. So that’s why I love finding products that make me feel just that little bit better so that I can have a much more satisfying and productive day.

This product is also the perfect little booster to apply before the gym, I always go with very little make up on as I feel so dirty going there with a full face applied, but this product is that perfect little something that makes you look so natural and ready for whatever. Its even better once I've finished my work out and I don't look like a sweaty mess! I applied this in the morning as my base, and after travelling around London to get to and from work, I arrive back home, walk into my bedroom and I look exactly the same as I did when I left in the morning... Result! Pair this with the Dr Andrew Weil Mega Bright Dark Circle Minimizer and you're good to go!

Chloé Danielle-Taylor

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

My 5 October Goals

I really don't understand how it is October already, one minute we're stressing about finding the perfect bikinis and the next we're hunting down roll neck jumpers. The year just fly's by and before we know it we will be wrapping up Christmas presents to put under the tree. You might have read my September Challenge - if not you can find it here - so I thought that I would make a little add on to my already set challenges.

1. Be more organised
I love the thought of being organised, and I can be really good at it. But if I'm not in a set routine then I begin to slack like crazy and just become incredibly lazy. So before we hit the beginning of the new month, I bought myself some cute little notebooks and organisers. I don't know how something so simple can kick start my motivation, but it works wonders. I bought a few and gave each one their own little purpose. One of them is to organise my blog, another I have wrote down my work out routine for each day, and another for my Acting. Im also going to use Buffer a lot more to help publish my blogs whilst I'm at work, I love blogging and its more of a hobby than anything else, but its something that I want to take a lot of pride in.

2. Make more of my days
Recently, I handed my notice into my work and said goodbye to Hospitality! It was a job that I had alongside Uni as my hours there were a full days work so working evenings was perfect. Since graduating, waiting around all day until 5 or 6 o'clock and then coming home near enough midnight just wasn't ideal. I would not see my partner until he picked me up from work, and even then we would only see each other for about an hour or so as he gets up for work early. Although I love the people who work there, I realised the hours just weren't for me and it was creating something negative in my life. Don't get me wrong, I would easily work evenings if it was for something I loved, but serving customers who are in a rush or have had a tough day can become incredibly draining, especially as being a waitress was not my idea of a career at 21. So I done something about it, I now have a job in the industry that I want to progress in, and I have set shifts Monday - Friday. I wake up in the morning able to see my partner before he heads off and it motivates me to go to the gym before work. Before I had little energy, I was forever tired and just wanted to be in bed, but now I am able to make the most of my day and thats something that I want to continue doing. To grow my blog, to become a better actor and to spend time with the people I love.

3. Stop getting distracted
I am easily distracted, in fact a 50% ASOS sale just come through as I was typing this and I instantly had to take a 15 minute break so that I could look at all of the goodies! It's something that happens a lot which makes a 10 minute job turn into half an hour and I'm not able to get everything done that I planned to in that day. I am trying to cut it out slowly and if something distracts me whilst I need to get something done then I will just remove it. I closed my mail app on my laptop so that any new mail wouldn't pull me away from writing this post and if its one of those days where my Whatsapp group is about to explode, I will just move my phone away from me. I need to focus more and work harder, which is difficult when the littlest of things distract me.

4. Take better care off my skin and hair
You know when you have just been so poor recently that you can barely afford life? Well thats me. I have spent my whole life in education not know what a full time monthly wage looks like, and even months after graduation I am in the same boat. Beauty, make up, clothes and everything other than food or transport has had to take a major step back. But now things are changing, my life is evolving and I want to take a lot more pride in my skin and hair. I am soon to purchase a big bulk and I can't wait to show the progress!

5. Drink more water
Everyone who knows me will understand this point. If I'm offered a drink, 9 times out of 10 that would be my first drink of the day, even if its at 7pm. I am the worst at keeping hydrated, and boy doesn't my body love to remind me. I try and drink more but that only lasts about a day before I forget again. I am more of a 'I'm hungry' rather than, 'I'm thirsty' kind of gal, when in reality my body is screaming out for hydration. It is something that I will still be writing about in 5, maybe 10 years time! But it is a working progress and some day I know that I will get into a good routine.

Chloé Danielle-Taylor

Monday, 25 September 2017

Finding Your Feet After Graduation

We all have these big plans for when we finally finish education, the thought off finally joining the working world and receiving those thick monthly pay cheques to treat ourselves. It's something that you'll find is talked about quite a bit in the build up to your graduation, but no one really tells you just how quick that last year comes around and personally, theres very little support from your uni. Its all well and good talking about it, but if you live somewhere that is highly populated and your ideal job comes around once in a blue moon, to then face 100 other people who's trained just as much as you have for this job, to secure something becomes more than just a chore.

1. Relax, and don't rush
I graduated back in July, and living in London can be tough as an actor and newly blogger. When you're looking for work in such a tough field and the right job hasn't come along yet then don't feel the need to rush. Things happen in their own way, and just because Bella who sat opposite you in class come straight out of education into their dream job, then it doesn't mean that its too late for you. Sometimes having a few months off to yourself so that you can figure out what you really want to do in life can be a blessing, so don't chuck it into being a negative. If you worked part time at a shop, or a restaurant, or wherever to help get that extra income in whilst studying then just stay at that job, keep the hours or ask for a few more just so you can cover the basics, and then just relax and be you for a bit. At the end of the day, you've spent your whole life studying, take these months to start something that you've been prolonging, and then before you know it you'll find your ideal job. Maybe its not your dream job, but its a stepping stone and that is ok. Don't trick yourself into thinking that you've only got a few years into being in the position where you want to be, or where else is left to go!

2. Don't just go for any job
This is a little tricky financially, but if you're in a position where your basics are covered then don't just apply for any job that comes on the market, or else you'll get stuck with enjoying the money and stability and everything that you've been working towards will feel less important... But you'll always have something missing, a hint of regret. If you need a job to help you pay your rent on time etc etc, then get a job that you'll find so boring that you'll always be wanting more. This will keep your heading ticking, you'll stay focused on whats really important and you'll constantly be looking for that job, constantly working towards that bigger picture.

3. Don't get lost, invest your time wisely
Whether its a workshop here, or a training day there, or maybe theres a motivational book, buy it! Anything thats going to look good on your CV but also motivates you to keep going then thats where your money should be going. A designer bag can wait, that coat that you saw last week? Really not important. Spend that money on something thats going to really benefit you. Now I know money doesn't grow on trees and this is where you have to be smart, don't just go for any old thing but focus on something that needs more work and go from there. Start to motivate yourself, don't just rely on others to do it for you.

These steps are very basic, but they're something that I lost along the way after graduating. I applied for job, after job, after job, and sometimes I didn't even properly read the job description. I just wanted to get out of working in hospitality and find a job that will pay for everything that I am currently saving towards. It's now nearly October and I have just been offered a job somewhere so perfect, that all of this time off has been worth it. I have never given up on what I want to do career wise, and putting in that time and effort really pays off. So don't you give up either, everyone can get there, its just whether you have the patience for it.

(I do apologise for the lack of colour and photography, my camera has broke so once I have a new one then I shall be updating all my posts!)

Chloé Danielle-Taylor

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